This podcast explores the factors which contribute to writer's block, and offers solutions

In the final podcast about Writing Fiction, I discuss Voice and Editing.

For assistance with book design, you can contact me on my website at Rhyton Press: Book Designer | Rhyton Press |

In this episode, I offer some useful writing tips about atmosphere and pacing - how to bring your story to life and maintain the momentum.

In this episode, I offer some useful writing tips about plot development, characterisation, and dialogue. You'll hear how these aspects are closely interwoven, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

This series discusses the process of writing fiction, from the very beginning to production of a completed manuscript.

Episode one deals with the challenges you will encounter as a writer, and suggests useful techniques to support the necessary commitment and perseverance.

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How do circumstance, personality and metanarrative combine to produce complex characters and interesting plotlines? I discuss these factors, bracketed by the music I have composed, performed and recorded in tribute to my novel, Children of the Gods, the first book in The Children of Myth trilogy.
Duration 24 minutes.

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